The Lincoln Tomb Raiders


A reading from the pioneers of True Crime

Captain Tyrrell’s Stories of the Secret Service

In this episode, we turn again to the writing of Captain Patrick D. Tyrrell, a former investigator for the Secret Service who set down many of his adventures in a syndicated newspaper feature that ran in 1905. This is an exciting story about two related investigations. After Tyrrell and his men track down some of the Midwest’s most notorious counterfeiters, they stumble onto a plot to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln by some of the scoundrels in an attempt to have one of their star engravers released from prison. In the first act, we’ll hear about how Captain Tyrrell broke the counterfeiting ring, and in the second act, how a pair of Pinkerton detectives botched the sting at the Lincoln Memorial in Springfield, Illinois.

Musical direction by Dave Sams


A Lover in the Attic


A reading from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism.

The Murder of Fred Oesterreich

This episode is probably one of the most bizarre murder cases on record, about a woman who kept a secret lover for 18 years — in her attic. You know that’s not going to end well.

Not too much more to say about it as the story speaks for itself.

Musical direction by Dave Sams


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