Bushranger: Ned Kelly and the Ambush at Stringybark Creek


A reading from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism.

This episode, our 75th, comes from another request by an overseas listener, this time from the great down under.

My Aussie friend said I should look into Ned Kelly, whom he described as the Australian Billy the Kid.

One of the better known Ned Kelly stories is his last stand at the Glenrowan Inn wearing a homemade suit of armor, but I’m going to put that story in my pocket for later and this time, focus on an earlier caper, shoot-out that grew out of the brawl described in the prologue.

First, we’ll hear the newspaper account that includes the testimony of the only lawman to survive, and in the second act, we’ll hear from the scoundrel Ned Kelly himself with excerpts from one of the letters he wrote for the Australian Press giving his side of the story.

Musical direction by Dave Sams