Bald Knobber 2: The Botched Execution of Chief Bull Creek Dave


A special edition of Yesterday’s News exploring the criminal justice system at its most extreme: Inflicting the Death Penalty

This episode is a sequel to the tale of The Giant Vigilante Captain Nat Kinney, about one of the Bald Knobber masked vigilante groups that sprang up in the Ozark region after the civil war.

This story concerns the Bald Knobbers in the adjacent county to Nat Kinney, where once again, and another instance where vigilante justice backfires. It’s a good story and has a lot of action, including a jail break.

But my favorite part is the heart-breaking report of the artist who ventures into the hills to get sketches of the families of the condemned men just days before their scheduled execution. The sketches are posted below, but his word pictures are some of the most powerful I’ve come across in the historic newspaper archives.

Music by Dave Sams


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