Gypsy the Serial Killer Elephant


A reading of Yesterday’s News exploring some of History’s most prolific murderers…

Rampage At Valdosta

For this episode, True Crime Historian presents its first non-human perpetrator, a great big crazy brilliant elephant first known as Empress when imported into the United States in 1871. She killed so many handlers that she was sentenced to death many times, but doing so was so difficult that she was just passed from show to show. Along the way someone changed her name to Gypsy, and she spent the last decade of her tragic life with the Harris Nickel Plate Circus. She claimed at least seven victims, but she was crazy for a reason, and if you’re an animal lover, I’ve got to warn you that you’re about to get a big dose of outrage and indignation.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
Carnival of the Animals: Elephants by Camille Saint-Saëns courtesy Creative Commons.
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