The Mad Pastor of Rattle Run


Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism…

Bloody Murder Among the Pews

The inside of the Battle Run Michigan Methodist Church was smeared with blood as if it had been the scene of a battle to the death, and charred bones discovered in the stove were presumed to belong to the missing pastor, Rev. John H. Carmichael. But then, the town roustabout also turned up missing, and the game is on to figure out who killed who. This gruesome story plays out in less than a week, and ends with a chilling confession. Gave me the willies reading it. Hope you get ‘em, too.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
Research Assistance by Anna from AGP Stories
Media management by Sean R. Jones
Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun