Trail of the Red Ax


Exploring one of history’s most baffling murder mysteries.

The Villisca Ax Murders Mystery

This episode starts with a brutal axe murder that scandalized the quiet town of Villisca, about 2,000 souls in the summer of 1912, when a family of six and two young visitors were killed in their beds by an assailant wielding a long-handled axe, the family’s own tool, which was left at the scene.

Clues were scant, and it took years for the twists and subplots to emerge, including a string of similar murders, implications that it was a job for hire by a business rival, and a bizarre confession by an itinerant minister five years later.

And for some reason, there seems to be a lot of fortunetellers and clairvoyants in this narrative.

Musical direction by Dave Sams

Horror ambiance by the Klankbeeld team via



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