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A special edition of Yesterday’s News exploring the criminal justice system at its most extreme: Inflicting the Death Penalty…

The Lindbergh Tragedy

Here at True Crime Historian, we take kind of a perverse pride in bringing you stories of some of history’s forgotten scandals, scoundrels and scourges. But since I’ve been asking for listener requests, several people have asked for this, one of the rare cases that really earned the title “Crime of the Century.” As you can tell by the introduction, the baby Lindbergh, son of an American aviation hero, the little eaglet, was one of America’s most-loved babies of his day, and that helped make his short life one of legend. So the newspapers went over every little detail of the case and assigned their ace reporters to cover every aspect.
I always hesitate at doing stories involving the murder of children, and there’s a particular passage in here that gets a little graphic in its details, so if you’re sensitive to such things, you might want to fast forward through that part. But if you stick with it, you’ll encounter a remarkable description of a mother receiving the most horrible horrible news imaginable.

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