The Chemical Christmas Murder


A Reading from America’s Historic Newspapers

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Christmas Day, 1937

The press said that Charles Mobley had been drinking some whiskey during the day and he went berserk after drinking two glasses of beer. Mobley didn’t seem drunk to the patrons of Doc’s Place when he stopped in for a Christmas day nightcap, and he only had the two glasses of beer before he started shooting up the place. Was he drunker than he seemed? Or was he under the influence of something else?

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An Outrageous Murder At Oxford


Recorded live at Miami University Downtown on December 10, 2015, True Crime Historian Richard O Jones tells the story of the night the residents of the “classic village” of Oxford, Ohio, lynched a dead man.

Taken from the pages of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Hamilton Daily Democrat, January 13-15, 1892.

Illustration from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

ADVISORY: Newspapers of 1892 sometimes used racially charged language.

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