EXTRA! A Quick Shot of Crime

When I’m researching a story, I always keep an eye out for interesting headlines to see if they lead me to interesting murder cases. I have written books about cases I stumble upon that way. The title of my Two-Dollar Terror “Man Beheaded; Dentist Shot” is the headline that drew my attention to that bizarre tale.

It is frustrating to find the occasional provocative headline and intriguing article but no follow-up or back story, not enough information to build a case file and compose a solid episode.

Still, some of them are too good not to share, so the occasional “EXTRA!” Edition shares one of these orphan newspaper clippings.

The Purcell Nicotine Poison Puzzle

Or, Death of a Composer


A special edition of Yesterday’s News examining some of history’s most perplexing murder mysteries

This episode involves the body of a songwriter and real estate speculator found tied to a chair with an expression of surprise frozen on his dead face and suspicions of suicide.

Wait. What?

Suicide tied to a chair?

The evidence is so jumbled, police are at a loss to explain, but the backstory to the incident and a foray into the worlds of traveling musicians and actors, hints at motives deeply hidden, and possibly scandalous.

This is one that will keep you guessing.

Theme Music by Dave Sams

Incidental music: “The Old Bachelor” by Henry Purcell. www.musopen.org

Sound effects: freesound.org