Sunday Magazine #4

A Collection of True Crime Short Stories —

A Trio of Pernicious Characters: A Murderer, A Bigamist, And A Bank Robber.

First up, a frightful scream in the night leads police to gruesome torch slaying and a scandalous love triangle in “Murder by Fire” by Brandon Wright, from the pages of the classic pulp magazine Master Detective.
At the 39-minute mark, we have “The Abominable Mr. Yelverton,” a cheeky tale by Edmund Pearson, one of my favorite early true crime writers, tells the story of a British aristocrat caught in a bigamy scandal.
And finally, at precisely the one-hour mark, “The American Exchange Bank Robbery” by Cleveland Moffett, another of our Pulp Nonfiction favorites, comes from the files of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. They got the money back, they know who did it, but mysteries still abound.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
The Colonel Bogey March by Kenneth Alford, performed by the U.S. Navy Band, courtesy The Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg, performed by the Musopen Symphony.
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