The Boy Hanged from a Chair: The True Crime of Harvey Church


A reading from America’s historic newspapers


Eye for an Eye Edition
The Boy Hanged from a Chair
The True Crime of Harvey Church
Chicago, Illinois

Convicted of killing a pair of Studebaker salesmen because he wanted a car to impress the girls, Harvey Church went into a catatonic coma a month before his execution and never came out of it, even as deputy sheriffs carried him to the gallows in a chair.
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1922 church clip 003
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Chicago Tribune
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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
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Serial Killer Clips: Billy Gohl, Admiral of the Floater Fleet


A reading from America’s historic newspapers during the golden age of yellow journalism

Aberdeen, Washington

February, 1910

During the last half of the first decade of the twentieth century, the port of Grays Harbor near the city of Aberdeen Washington, was so inundated with dead bodies that the local newspapers called it the invasion of the floater fleet. Numerous investigations did not turn up anything except a few likely suspects and even more mystery. When police arrested the local union agent Billy Gohl for the murder of a pair of sailors, they believed they caught the man behind anywhere from 40 to 200 murders between 1906 and 1910.

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1910 0203 aberdeen
Aberdeen Herald, February 3, 1910
1910 0204 oregon daily journal
Oregon Daily Journal, February 4, 1910
1910 0207 Aberdeen_Herald_Mon__Feb_7__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, February 7, 1910
1910 0407 Aberdeen_Herald_Thu__Apr_7__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, April 7, 1910
1910 0512 Aberdeen_Herald_Thu__May_12__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, May 12, 1910
1910 0502 Aberdeen_Herald_Mon__May_2__1910_1
Aberdeen Herald, May 2, 1910
1910 0503 la herald
Los Angeles Herald, May 3, 1910
1910 0505 Aberdeen_Herald_Thu__May_5__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, May 5, 1910
1910 0526 Aberdeen_Herald_Thu__May_26__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, May 26, 1910
1910 1027 The_Newport_Miner_Thu__Oct_27__1910_
The Newport (Washington) Miner, October 27, 1910
1919 0411 Aberdeen_Herald_Mon__Apr_11__1910_
Aberdeen Herald, April 11, 1910