Poison in the Pepper Box


A reading of Yesterday’s News exploring some of history’s most prolific murderers.

Although Louise Vermilya of Chicago was never convicted of a crime, history lays up to 10 deaths at her door, mostly family members and suitors.

She did go to trial once, and we’ll take a pretty close look at the drama, including a suicide attempt, that led up to her acquittal as we look at the wake of mysterious deaths throughout her life. This story allows me to bring back Emily Simer Braun, who did such a remarkable job giving us the confession of Anna Hahn a couple of months ago, to read the quotes attributed to Louise Vermilya in the Chicago newspapers.

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Killer Cat Woman


A reading from America’s historic newspapers exploring our most prolific murderers. 

The Crimes of Winona Green Freeman

The centerpiece of this episode is a long report from the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Frederick H. Brennan on a visit to the Little Rock, Arkansas, jail to visit with accused double murderess Winona Green. I am particularly taken by Brennan’s description of Mrs. Green’s hold on the local law enforcement and press. In 1928, Brennan would be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting in another murder case. In the prologue, you hear about her final murder conviction as Winnie Ola Freeman, and after the Brennan piece you’ll hear about two other accusations of murder, which would bring her count up to five and the nagging feeling that there might have been more.

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