Sunday Magazine #6

A Collection of True Crime Short Stories–

The Bigamist And Her Murderous Husband

The Sweetwater Double Homicide

First up is the sordid tale of a love octangle or some such, when the suspiciously widowed husband of a girl married five times without a divorce gets fed up with the legal harassment from his wife’s elderly suitor–yeah, that’s not gonna end well.

The Storybook Taxi Bandit

Murder At 8:13

This action-packed tale begins with a fidgety stranger walking into an Indiana cafe, soon followed by an interstate manhunt.


Stalking The Tiger Girl

The Bandit Queen of 1927

And our finale “Stalking The Tiger Girl,” tells of a Los Angeles detective’s pursuit of a sassy, auburn-haired hold-up artist, who suddenly found repentance–after her arrest.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
Additional Music by and from public domain piano rolls converted to midi
Media Management by Sean R. Jones
Production Assistance by Emily Simer Braun