Sunday Magazine #15

A Collection of True Crime Short Stories–

Two Sordid Ladies

Episode 193, Sunday Magazine #15, consists of  two stories, one of passion and lust, one of lust for power.

“She Shot to Kill” is two stories from the 1893 Omaha Daily Bee that tells of a deadly love triangle. There’s a great contrast between the first day’s coverage and the second, then no more mention is made of the affair.

“The Woman In The Wall” comes from the a vintage issue of True Detective (56; 4), the story of a woman so consumed by ambition that she turns on the people who help her on her journey. But you know, like most of the journeys we discuss, this one’s not going to end well.

  • Theme music performed by Dave Sams and Rachel Schott, engineered by David Hisch at Third Street Music.
  • Media management by Sean R. Jones
  • Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun