Sunday Magazine #17

A Collection of True Crime Short Stories–

Three International Manhunts

When Justice Triumphed: Strange Murder Of An Aged Romeo. In Argentina, a family feud gets settled in a grisly way.

Black Cat Doomed: Britain’s First Ride Murderer. Scotland Yard attempts to track down gangsters that seem to have been taking lessons from their American colleagues.

Saskatchewan Killer: A lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police begins to wonder if he can live up to their motto as he chases a murderer back and forth across the American border.

Culled from historical syndicated newspaper features and classic pages of true crime pulp magazines.

  • Theme music performed by Dave Sams and Rachel Schott, engineered by David Hisch at Third Street Music.
  • Media management by Sean R. Jones
  • Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun
  • Richard O Jones, Executive Producer