Sunday Magazine #10


A Collection of True Crime Short Stories–

From the pages of the classic pulp magazine “True Detective,” Vol. 4, no. 1.

A Town in the Grip of Terror:

Amarillo, Texas, had been a calm place where little happened, but two shocking murders and three attacks changed it into a town in the grip of terror.
Wade “Sleepy” Copeland received a five-year sentence for armed robbery. Joseph Paul Lucas and Earl George Robinson both pleaded guilty to the indictments against them, each received two life sentences, and Lucas received an additional 99-year sentence. Joseph Paul Lucas was released in June, 1967, and Robertson a year later.

The Widow of Hallu:

Police Inspector Lejeune had never seen a woman like her. She was fat to the point of obesity. Her eyes were round, child-like; her voice was a stifled whisper. But this huge simple woman had committed murder, had pounded the life from her husband in a fit of maniacal rage.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
Incidental music for “The Widow of Hallu” by Dana Boule from the album “Songs For Paris.” Used with permission.
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