Dillinger in the Wind


The Gangster Chronicles
Book 1, Chapter

The Gangster Chronicles is a special edition of Yesterday’s News focusing on the notorious scoundrels of the Prohibition and Depression eras.

We’re beginning this series with newspaper accounts of the trail of terror blazed by one of America’s most famous, dare I say most beloved, gangsters, John Dillinger.

From the time he was paroled from the Michigan City prison in May, 1933, to the time he was gunned down by police on a Chicago sidewalk 14 months later, John Herbert Dillinger was one of America’s most notorious scoundrels.

Chapter One: Dillinger’s Bloody Escape

Chapter Two: Dillinger’s Indiana Outlaws

Chapter Three: Dillinger’s Showdown in Tuscon

With Dillinger again in the wind, state and now federal police launch a desperate manhunt while the gangster continues his trail of terror.

For source information and clips related to this installment of the Gangster Chronicles, visit www.truecrimehistorian.com, where you can also find additional stories about the scandals, scoundrels and scourges of America’s past, as well as information about my books and my TwoDollar Terror series of true crime novellas.

And come back here next month for Chapter 5 in the Dillinger saga when the notorious scoundrel once more narrowly escape arrest in a deadly police raid at Little Bohemia.Lodge in Wisconsin.

Musical direction by Chuck Wiggins.


1934 0305 tribune
Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1934
The Indianapolis Star, March 7, 1934
Indianapolis Star, March 14, 1934
The Indianapolis Star, March 17, 1934


Indianapolis Star, March 25, 1934
The Indianapolis Star, April 1, 1934