The Kentucky Mule Bride

I came across this in my research for another murder story. A headline like this is like a shiny object to a busybody like me. I have to follow it.

The first clips come from 1929…

1929 mule bride

1929 mule bride02

1929 mule bride03

1929 mule bride04

1929 mule bride05


1929 mule bride06

1929 mule bride07

The story picks up again in 1932 when someone falls in love with Louise and loves her so much he, um,  just wants to shoot her leg off…

1929 mule bride08

1929 mule bride091929 mule bride10


I wanted to follow this through, at least as far as the newspaper archives would go. I was hoping to find that she had met a nice fellow and lived a good, long life, but was disappointed to find this sad, sudden end just a year later…

1929 mule bride11



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