A Nightclub Girl In A Curfew Town


Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism…

The Escapades Of Velma West

Episode 145 takes us into the scandalous world of a restless young flapper and her secret life. Before it’s over, we’ll have a brutal murder, a scandalous revelation, a sensational confession, a daring prison break, and drama galore. Hang on, everybody. This one’s a roller coaster.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
Media management by Sean R. Jones
Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun

If you’re curious about the other escapees, Virginia Brawley was captured in Van Wert, Ohio, in September, three months after the escape, when she was the passenger in a car stolen by two wanted bandits. Two years later, Florence Sheline gave herself up in Denver, Colorado, tired of life on the run.