Inferno in Ypsilanti


Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism…

The Michigan Petting Party Murders

Episode 146 tells of a most horrible and a most quickly resolved murder. When four teenagers are found dead on a country road, public indignation runs high, and under the pressure of the gathering mob, justice moves swiftly. The bodies are found on a Tuesday, and by Friday, the case is resolved.

A “blind pig” was a low-class underground form of drinking establishment where the proprietor could not legally sell a drink, but could charge admission to an animal oddity or curiosity, and provide a “complimentary” cocktail. In some regions, they were called “blind tigers”.  This bizarre practice, with cookies instead of imaginary animals, is alive and well in Washington, D.C., today in the cannabis trade.

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