Sunday Magazine #9

A Collection of True Crime Short Stories–

Two Crazed Gunmen

Episode 154 brings us two tales of two fellows who find their lives out of control, and try to get it back, the wrong way.
“A Lifetime Of Hate: Thomas Fay Redfern’s Revenge.” After nearly 20 years of stewing about how one man did him wrong, at least in his own mind, a Louisville, Kentucky, native comes home to get his revenge. The second act, “George Yerigan Shoots Up the Place,” tells the story of a man whose troubles actually began on the battlefields of France. He brings back many war souvenirs, and a good case of shell shock.

Theme Music by Dave Sams
“Widow’s Theme” by Chuck Wiggins, commissioned.
Media management by Sean R. Jones
Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun


Yerigan PowerPoint